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About Us

We  who live here are Thomas, Madlen, Liam and Bea Thorvaldsson. We have been breeding, training, showing ect. since 1999 and are profile riders for ApHc Sweden 2011...

















Todd & Brody Fitch Clinic in Sweden


Now it´s time for a new clinic with Mr Todd Fitch!

The exact date is not sett yet but it will be some time between the 6- 11 of june.


Last year Todd´s oldest son Brody came with him to Sweden for the first time and everybody just loved to train for this young and very talented cowhorse rider.


So this year we are doing a bubbel clininc with Todd and Brody.


You will ride 2 days for them and train reining and on cattle.

The cost is 3000 skr ( swedish kroner) for two trainers!


For more info and to sign up for the clinic pleas contact me ( Madlen) on my cell + 46 708 234289.


They will also have clinic at Styrbjörn Persson and Mona Göranssons place Quatehill Ranch in Kristinehamn.


More info will come soon.













New Pictures of our barn


Well theres a lot left to do but now we are starting to see how it´s gona look when it´s done ;)





Aphc Sweden


Last weekend we where at the Aphc meeting. It was a lot of fun to meet all the friend, other breeders and trainers. We also got some more awards on High Scootin Lena and his son High Eagle Eye Jac (out of a Hollywood Jac breed mare)

"Scooter" got Aphc sweden year end award in Sr reining and "Jac" year end award in Jr reining!





NRCHA mail


Some day´s it´s more fun then other´s to get the mail from the mailbox, yeasterday was a day like that .








We are planing to have a clinic again for Mr Todd Fitch and more info will come as soon as we got a date set.

Interested? Contact us for more info and booking.


Profile riders


We are so proud to have been asked to bee profile riders for ApHc Sweden in 2011.

We would like to thank u all for the support and we look forward to see u all very soon.




NRCHA International Regional Winner


Jupp, good year 2010, Madlen and High Eagle Eye Jac became NRCHA International Regional Winner inthe Ltd Open Hacamore and 4th place in the Open Hacamore.

"Jac" is sutch a nice little horse and doese a great job in the hacamore.

Now it´s a new year and new adventures in the tworein....








SRCHA Youth Limited Champion


They did it again....

Isabell and Remedys Proud Mary got the SRCHA year end award in Youth Limited!

Lot´s and Lot´s of cangratulations to you!


Isabell has been traning for Madlen for a few years now and is a really great rider, "Mary" is breed at our place and has been doing everything from pleasure to roping, but when Isabelle and Mary got teamedup last year everything came to place.

They are sutch a good team that really worked hard to bee abel to do this nice results so the hat goes of the them.

Great job!!!


Isabell and Mary





If you are planing to use High Scootin Lena 2011 pleas contact us as soon as possibel becaus it´s starting to get a lot´s of mares for this year. we still got room for some more.


ApHc World Show qualifiers


This is so fun for us in Sweden becaus we dont have that many approved shows for the Appaloosa cowhorse or reining but still we got qualified to the ApHc World show with bouth High Scootin Lena in Non pro reining, Senior Reining and senior Working Cowhorse and High Eagle eye Jac

 in the Junior reining!

We are so proud of our boy´s.





We are so sorry that we havent uppdated this page but there have been some problems with the website, but  now we are upp and rollin again.


New swedish Champion Youth Cowhorse


The new champion is Isabelle Nicklasson and Remedys Proud Mary!

Congratulations to you and your nice horse




and how did it go for the rest of us?


Well we did good, Thomas had a great show and did make the finals with High Scootin Lena, but they did one to many spin there.


Madlen and Hiigh Eagle eye Jac also got to teh finals and got in 5th place, he was the onley young horse in the finals so we are very proud of him.



Swedish Championship


The Swedish Championship is now coming up 12-19 of July.

High Scootin Lena is going in the Aphc open reining, Aphc cowhorse and we are thinking mayby Aphc Cutting.

High Eagle Eye Jac is going in the Aphc open reining and Aphc Open Cowhorse.


Isabell and Mary is going in the Youth reining and youth cowhorse.


It´s a 4 judge event and the AQHA, APHA, APHC and Allbreeds  that has the highest scoore get´s to the final on Saturday.


This is the first time in Sweden that all the Ass has got togheter and have a joined  Championship to really see who is the best of the best in SWEDEN!!!!!





Aphc European Championship


The 30th september- 3 of October is the European Championship for Appaloosas in Aachen Germany and we are going with High Scootin Lena and High Eagle Eye Jac. If the plan works out we will be in the Non pro and Jr reining, Non pro and Open Cowhorse, Open Cutting, Freestyle reining and Jackpot Jr Reining!


Last Year Thomas and Scooter was 2 plac in the Non pro Reining, 3 plac in cutting and 4 plac in the Cowhorse!


Thomas and  Scooter to the left, reserv European Champ in Non pro reining.






The Swedish Reined Cowhorse Ass had it´s first show this weekend and for beeing the first show they done it was a good one!


All of us from Stonehill where there onley on the sunday and what a day!


Isabell Nicklasson and her horse ( one of our own offspring) did her first "cowhorse" ever.

She was in the Rookie Limited and the Youth Limited and got in Third plac in the Rookie and WON the Youth!!!!!

A new young talanted rider and her horse has enterd the show rings.

Congratulations Isabell and well Done!!!


Isabell and Mary training at home.



Thomas and High Scootin Lena was in the Non Pro Bridle and got a  fourth plac even then he got a really tuff calf!!!!

Scooter is now in the middel off the breeding season but still show´what a great minded, good horse he is and that he has a lot off cowsence!!!


Madlen and High Eagle Eye Jac was in the Open Hacamore and WON it again!!

Jac is having some small problems with growing and other things so we onley show him so he will get more experients. But he really makes people see that this "small" horse have the larges off hart and a hole lot off cow in him!!!!





Mr Mark Matson is coming to us


Another world champ rider is coming to us the 29 of june to have a reining/ cowhorse clinic at our place!

So if you missed the chance to ride for Todd Fitch you can try and ride for Mark.

The clinic is the week before the High Chapparall show come on and get the some last help before the show.



More info and such will bee up soon........




Now the clinic for Mr Todd Fitch has come and gone.

We just whant to say to everybody that was in the clinic and to thoose who came to see it, thank you all for a very nice weekend and it´s such a joy to see all your sucsses!


A speciall Thank you to Frida A and her trick ponnies, it´s so good to se such a young girl whit so young horses to have that strong band beetween them, absolut wonderfull to see!


And the BIGGEST and WARMEST THANKS to Todd and Brody Fitch for coming over to us and help us all whit our reining and cowhorses!!!!

We all REALLY enjoyed to have you here again and as the other times you left a lot a people so happy that they got the chanse to ride for you!



See you guy´s soon again!



The laste foal is born


Just in time for the clinic our last foal was born the 28 of may. A very good looking colt sired by High Scootin Lena and our new breeding mare Fox Eyed Nita

Dark bay with some small spots over the hips.




Spin & Win Show


We had a super show down in Bökeberg this weekend.

High Eagle Eye Jac our 5-yearold sired by High Scootin Lena did his first cowhorse ever. It was NRCHA Ltd Open  Hacamore and SRCHA open Hacamore and he came in first place in bouth. Then he was in the Herdwork on the Hacamore for the first time and scored a 69.

Riding Jac was Madlen.


High Scootin Lena and Thomas Thorvaldsson also was in the show and where in the classes:

NRCHA Non pro bridle, SRCHA Non pro bridle, APHC Reining Open and Non pro and APHC Cowhorse Open and Non pro.

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